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New to Naked Products? Let EmTree help!

Thank you for choosing EmTree to start or continue your journey of an eco-conscious lifestyle!

'Naked' skincare or 'plastic-free' skincare is a step in the right direction for you and a healthier planet. Many of you know how to use a plain, old soap bar but you might be thinking - 'What's a lotion bar?' or 'Shampoo bar? Really?' Yes really! Below are a few 'how-tos' for a few EmTree products.

A lotion bar is a solid bar that consists of beeswax, coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter, and vitamin e oil. So much of what your skin loves! Once you glide the bar right over your skin, you will feel it start to melt lightly. Once you have enough, massage the lotion on your skin for a hydrated glow.

As for a shampoo bar, there are two common ways to apply. The first is the lather the bar in your hands, apply, cleanse, and rinse. Then the second is to rub the bar to a lather on your head, massage, cleanse, and rinse. (Repeat as many times as you'd like!)

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